1. What is BATIPA Field Institute (BFI)?

BFI is an institution oriented towards the promotion of education, research in agroecology, natural resource management and similar disciplines, while fostering academic tourism and entrepreneurship in Panama’s western region.

  1. What makes BFI a unique study abroad experience?

Batipa Field Institute (BFI) is a distinctive site nestled within the Batipa peninsula, in the west coast of Panama. It is an ideal location to study conservation biology and the environmental sciences. BFI includes many tropical habitats from the Pacific Ocean, to the Ngöbe-Bugle comarca. We work alongside indigenous Ngöbe people of Chorcha to give students a first-hand experience about issues facing the inhabitants of some of our last remaining stands of tropical forests.  Not only you will have opportunities to survey a wide spectrum of species and learn more about tropical ecology, but also you will help to establish enduring conservation practices at BFI, while gaining a unique cultural experience.

  1. Where is BATIPA Field Institute (BFI) located?

BFI is located in Batipa Peninsula, in the District of David, Chiriqui Province, Republic of Panama, 26 km., east from the city of David, via the Inter-American highway.

  1. What does BATIPA Field Institute (BFI) offer?

BFI is an ideal place to carry out research, academic and ecological tourism and thus provide scientists and students the opportunity of participating in a variety of projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and enhancing environmental quality.

  1. What kind of tours does BATIPA Field Institute (BFI) offer?

BATIPA Field Institute (BFI) offers the following:

 – Tour to BATIPA Peninsula internal corridors

– Horse ride tour to SENEPOL beef cattle raised in a silvopasture system

– Tour to the teak plantation

– Tour to Gualaca Altitudinal Biological Corridor

– Tour along the Coastal Marine Route in Gulf of Chiriquí

– Kayak tours to BATIPA Peninsula

– Ethno tourism to Ngöbe region

  1. When can I take a tour to BATIPA (BFI)?

BATIPA Field Institute (BFI) offers tours all year round.

  1. Does BATIPA Field Institute (BFI) have facilities?

Currently BATIPA Field Institute (BFI) has several facilities, such as:

– Los Cabimos camp, where we have rooms, toilets and showers

– Puerto de Cabimos, where boats can arrive at any time from different ports of the region

– Excellent internal and external roads to get to BFI

– BFI Research Center for the promotion of tropical biodiversity teaching and research

    8. What makes BFI a unique study abroad experience?

BFI is an appropriate place to study conservation biology and environmental sciences. BFI works in many habitats of the Pacific Ocean like the Ngöbe-Bugle region. We work with the indigenous people in Chorcha to provide students a first-hand experience about the challenges faced by the people living in these last tropical forests. You can learn about tropical ecology at BFI and also experience our long-term conservation practices, while living a unique cultural adventure.

  1. How do I request information about BFI?

Complete the application form here and email  it to coordinadorinvestigacion@oteima.ac.pa

  1. How can I get to BATIPA Field Institute (BFI)?

    You can get to BFI by land or water.

Land route: access by the inter-American highway 25 minutes from David (26km), by paved road with an entrance at kilometer 320, David-Panama direction. We suggest a 4 × 2 or 4 × 4 vehicles.

By sea: From David, Puerto de Pedregal, 20 minutes to Cabimos (BFI).

  1. Who are BATIPA Field Institute’s partners/allies (BFI)?

–BATIPA Foundation

–OTEIMA Technological University

–BATIPA Livestock

–Center for Genetic Research and Animal Reproduction (CIGRA)

–BATIPA reforestation company

–Dolce Pineapple Co.

All Batipa Field Institute (BFI) staff members work also to protect and preserve natural resources for future generations.

        12. How are all the logistics taken care while staying at Batipa Field Institute?

Batipa Field Institute (BFI) has appropriate facilities to accommodate individuals and/or groups for various time durations, on site, including transportation in vans, from David, which is about 25 Km. west of BFI.

         13. Who is taking care of the logistics to host visitors at BFI?

OTEIMA Technological University through its Research Director is fulfilling this task, throughout the length of the guests’ visit at BFI.

        14. How do I apply for a visit/research experience/internship, or academic course/s at BFI?

Fill out the on-line application here and submit the information. Don’t forget to attach copy of your Resume’, academic transcripts, two references (at least one from a professor of yours) and the full contact information (parent, relative, other) of somebody to be called in case of an emergency.

        15. What is the deadline for the applications?

The application deadline for summer quarter is June 1st.  The application for short courses, seminars, workshops and similar programs (1 to 10 days duration) the deadlines are December 1st and March 1st.  Application deadlines for internships are accepted on a continuous basis.

        16.  What should I bring with me to live at BFI?

You will not need heavy clothing as the temperature and humidity are high and steady throughout the year. However, light/cotton long sleeve shirts and pants may be excellent protection from insects, while hiking, or doing work in the outdoor. Water proof shoes/boots may be valuable for the same purpose (especially during the rainy season, from June to December). More items that you may need while staying at BFI:

  • Flashlight
  • Pocket knife
  • Rain jacket
  • Swimware
  • Insect repellent
  • Medication/s

Keep in mind that the city of David is only 25 Km. away and if you are in need of anything, we can deliver your needed item/s directly to you, on a daily basis.

          17. Do I need a visa to travel to Panama?

You do not need a visa, nor a temporary residence permit in Panama if you stay for a period of time that does not exceed 90 days.