Research at BFI is strategically planned every year to address conservation issues and sustainability objectives, always prioritizing the health of the natural environment in which BFI is located.  You can learn more about some of our research projects by clicking here:

– La Reserva Privada de Vida Silvestre CERRO BATIPA.

– La Península Batipa.

– El Corredor Biológico Altitudinal de Gualaca.

– Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriqui.

– El Corredor Meso-Americano

BATIPA peninsula is a 4.000Ha. territory surrounded by 2.000Ha. of mangroves. In addition to this, 2.000Ha are forested and of these, 600Ha. are pristine habitat for endemic wildlife. Livestock ranching in a rotational, silvopasture systems is integrated in BFI land management. About 15 “internal connectivity corridors” that ease the circulation from the reserve area to the mangroves have been restored. Wildlife uses the teak areas as well as the untouched forest for foraging purposes, suggesting the quality management of the land to conserve biodiversity.

BFI’s mission is to contribute to a sustainable management of land and natural resources through research that leads to publications and presentations at a multitude of conferences and professional meetings. You may learn more about our research activities in recent years by visiting the OTEIMA Technological University website (

Batipa Field Institute and OTEIMA Technological University consider research one of the foundations of all their education programs. For this reason, their relationship is strongly linked and indispensable to prepare with rigor and excellence all students. It is noteworthy to point out that research results are shared in the production and transfer of new knowledge thus, responding to the needs of local, national and Latin American contexts. Sharing these results and employing new knowledge can take to new entrepreneurships, where the way we relate to our environment could improve quality of life and ecosystems.